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The Power of True Engineering Efficiency

Mecburg Engineering & Consultancy company introduce our self as a dynamic and innovative organization manufacturing & supplier of Hi-tech engineering equipment and analytical instruments with all latest technology & futures.

The Mecburg Engineering & Consultancy is completely Industrial Solutions for business area ,Is a leading partner for the engineering, construction and service of all industrial gas plants and Engineering Utilities systems. In collaboration with our customers we develop high-quality solutions and deliver efficiency, reliability and sustainability over the entire life cycle.
We provide complete Hydrogen Gas Plant and Nitrogen gas Plant as per customer requirements on turnkey basis to include Controls & Electricals, Gas Generator, Compressors, High Pressure Purification Skids, Dryer Units, Manifolds for Cylinder Filling or Filling in Pressure Vessel/Tubes ,Calibration Gas . The Plant comprises of 2-3 skids which can be quickly interconnected at site .
Mecburg Engineering & Consultancy continuously strives to exceed our customers’ expectations by closely working with them to understand their requirements and offering the best industry solutions, based on our highly experience in engineering and production excellence. In co-operation with the customer,mecburg engineering & consultancy will analyze the requirements and offer a system, which meets the specifications for flow, purity and pressure. The typical scope of supply includes design, manufacturing, installation and start-up of the system. A service team is always available to provide any necessary service or maintenance for the lifetime of the system. The high-quality Generation Systems have proven reliable and safe, but this is just the beginning. Our after-sales service, continuous process improvement, trustful co-operation with Research Institutes will ensure superior products and services.


    Gas Generation Systems

  • PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant
  • PSA Oxygen Gas Plant
  • VPSA Oxygen Gas Plant
  • Hydrogen Gas Plant(Electrolysis Based
  • Hydrogen Gas Plant(Cracking Based
  • Gas Purification Systems
  • Heatless Air Dryer
  • Internal Heated Air Dryer


  • Industrial RO Plant
  • STP Sewage Treatment Plant
  • ETP Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Cooling Water Treatment Plant

    Chemical and Molecular Sieves

  • Carbon Molecular Sieve
  • 13-x Molecular Sieve
  • Zeolite Molecular Sieve
  • Activated Carbon
  • Activated Alumina
  • Nickel Catalyst
  • alladium catalyst

Work Environment

We maintain a comfortable work environment in terms of ambience, recreational facilities, climate control, cleanliness and fixtures. The interiors have been specially designed to ensure a healthy work conditions both psychologically and physiologically. The colors scheme is bright and attractive to create a positive impact on our people. The furniture is also sourced globally and are in compliance with ergonomic standards.




Every member of Mecburg team conducts oneself with utmost integrity and fairness. Be it clients or employees, all policies at Mecburg are mutually advantageous and drawn with complete transparency.



Mecburg always look forward with a strong focus on R & D. Mecburg is always at the forefront on product and process innovation and has earned itself the reputation for delivering new & better products.



In Mecburg every individual is treated with complete respect ensuring its employees, clients and external stakeholders are dealt in a warm and pleasent manner.



Mecburg has evolved to be highly systemic, value generating organization aimed that achieving the highest possible quality for its products and assuring world class quality standards.

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