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We are leading names in the field of offering highly functional range of Effluent Treatment Plants. These are well appreciated by clients for their high quality standards and Industrial, Commercial and Municipal Effluent Treatment Plants.Industries during the manufacturing process generates huge quantity of high toxic effluents which yield very high BOD, COD, TS and TDS level with colored and odor effluent. Mecburg provides effluent treatment solutions for various types of industrial waste water. customised systems to suit the wide variety of effluents and to maintain efficiency are provided to industries systems based on physico-chemical and biological treatments and membrane separation are offered to suit efficiency. We have the experience and capability to design and commission a host of clarifiers, filters, aeration, coagulation and settling systems for waste from industries like chemicals, drugs, pharma, refineries, power,textile etc. Recycle and reuse of treated effluents is profitable in the ever deteriorating environment of water scarcity. Reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration systems and other tertiary treatment processes make this possible for industries keen on resource optimisation. Based on the above mentioned fact, Mecburg has developed a Zero Liquid Discharge Effluent Treatment system by which it will be possible to overcome all the environmental problems. Mecburg has developed a process for treatment of industrial effluent with economical operation and discharge to meet the stringent pollution control norms. Depending upon the type of effluent, various processes have been developed for the cost effective treatment of effluent. The technological solution is provided after complete research and trial run at our R & D Centre.


  • Totally integrated system
  • Compact plant requires very less space
  • User friendly plant
  • Fully Customized Designed System
  • Highest Steam Economy
  • Lowest Operation & Maintenance Cost
  • Operator Friendly
  • Easily Upgradeable
  • Applicable for CDM Benefit
  • Technology approved by CPCB [ Central Pollution Control Board ]


  • Refineries
  • Power Plants
  • Textile Industries
  • Distilleries
  • Pharma Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Tannery Industries
  • Dye & Dye Intermediaries
  • Edible Oil Refineries
  • Electroplating Industries
  • Dairy
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
Currently, industrial effluent treatment system technology employs not only stand-alone equipment and facilities, but also total systems that function under a comprehensive concept. Such concepts include pH neutralization, processing, coagulating, sedimentation treatment, pressure floatation treatment, bio oxidation processing, filtering and absorption processing. Mecburg manufacturer’s complete industrial effluent treatment systems with the mission of saving the environment from destruction and returning the earth back to its natural condition.

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