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PSA Nitrogen Plants

PSA Nitrogen Plants

Mecburg Engineering & Consultancy is India's leading manufacturer of PSA Nitrogen Gas generator. We have in house facility and expertise for manufacturing of Gas Dryer, Industrial Filter,Tanks etc.
Mecburg takes pride in providing quality equipments for Gas Generation, Gas Drying and Gas Purification systems. These equipments can be skid mounted and may be operated through PLC. We have numerous satisfied customers across the globe spreading over vide range of industry.

Technical Facts

01 Flow Range

Suitable for flows from 1 to 1500 nm3/hr. Higher flows can be achieved using multiple PSA units.

02 Oxygen Purity

Purity from 98% to 99.999% is possible directly with a simple PSA unit. We recommend using our ME-DX-MODEL or ME-CU-DX-MODEL models for higher guaranteed purity levels up to 99.9999%.

03 Pressure

Most customers will find a system offering nitrogen at 5 kg/cm2g pressure quite suitable. However, we can deliver nitrogen directly up to 10 kg/cm2g pressure without a booster compressor.

04 Dew Point

Our generators deliver very dry nitrogen gas, with dew point as low as (-) 80°C. We also offer measuring instruments for online detection of gas dryness.




For producing nitrogen with purities up to 99.999%. Very simple unit.



For purities with oxygen levels of 1-3 ppm (max). Hydrogen can be modulated as per customer needs and can be in concentration of 0.5% or higher. Suitable for heat treatment applications.



For ultra-high purity, with oxygen level at 1 ppm (max). Hydrogen is also NIL. Suitable for processes that cannot absolutely tolerate any oxygen in their application. This model is selected for very specific applications.


Our PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators are widely used across many industries including:

  • Tyre filling (Automotive, Aircrafts, Dumpers, Mine Trucks)
  • Fuel Tank Inerting (Petrochemical Complexes, Chemical Factories, Aircrafts)
  • Autoclaves and Furnaces
  • Blanketing for many industries (adhesives, pesticides, agro, pharmaceuticals)
  • Metal processes (heat treatment, annealing, sintering)
  • Fire prevention (cement, coal mines, mines)
  • Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals (Pigging, Blanketing, Headspace filling, Pipeline drying)
  • Laboratories (LCMS, Turbo Vap, GC, GCMS)
  • Offshore Platforms & FPSOs
  • Oil cargo ships and oil tankers
  • Flex printing


Product Nitrogen Gas
Product Specifications
ME-MX-Model ME-DX-Model ME-Cu-DX-Model ME-MS-H
Oxygen 4% to 0.01% 1 PPM 1 PPM 10-100 PPM
Hydrogen NIL 0.5% or More (Adjustable) NIL NIL
Nitrogen 96-99.99% 99.9997% 99.9997% Balance
Dew Point -40°C to -60°C -60°C to -80°C -60°C to -80°C -60°C to -80°C
Pressure 5 - 25 Bar 5 - 25 Bar 5 - 25 Bar 5 - 25 Bar
Applications - Metallurgical Industry
- Synthetic & Fiber Industry
- Chemical Industries
- Food Packaging Industry
- Pharmaceutical Industry
- Optical Fiber Industry
- Electronic Industry
Process Description Nitrogen is generated from atmospheric air "on-site" by installing a Captive PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) generator. Various models suitable for producing commercial nitrogen and ultra pure nitrogen are available. Gas is used in various industries for creating inert atmosphere. Gas produced by the plant is very economical as compared to cylinder / liquid nitrogen.


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