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Services of the MECBURG ENGINEERING & CONSULTANCY include engineering consultancy, project management, planning and controlling schedules, capacities and costs, process and engineering design, procurement, construction, assembly and commissioning as well as staff training and customer service.

Apart from designing and manufacturing different types of oxygen generators, hydrogen generators, ammonia cracker, medical oxygen plants, oxygen gas plants, nitrogen gas plants, PSA oxygen gas plants, PSA nitrogen gas plants and compressed air dryers, we are also involved in offering After Sales Services, Maintenance Services and Spare Parts Services.

These services are rendered with the help of efficient and skilled personnel and are appreciated for their reliability and timely execution. our services are available at affordable prices.

Customers want and expect high-quality service, especially as they focus on getting good value for their money in a difficult economic environment, and are willing to spend more with those that deliver excellent services.


We offer all kind of engineering services required for world-class engineering of process plants.


Procurement at Mecburg is geared to be a high performance operation.


Global Construction forms an integral and major part of Mecburg.

Our key objective is to provide quality and professional services with long-term perspective and guarantee. This includes continuous monitoring of global technical developments in the field and implementing this knowledge into practice and products, further enhancing and maintaining the professional competence of our employees at all levels of focus and specialization (training, seminars, training courses, foreign professional journals and articles, welding courses certification courses and other insulation manual training and certification applications).

Mecburg is one of the leading emerging companies having intention to provide quality services and automation solutionin India as well as abroad.

Process Plants

The Mecburg Engineering & Consultancy is completely Industrial Solutions for business area ,Is a leading partner for the engineering, construction and service of all industrial gas plants and Engineering Utilities systems.

Gas Division

Mecburg Engineering & Consultancy has a very comprehensive range of Nitrogen PSA Plant , Oxygen PSA Plant, Hydrogen Gas Plant, Ammonia Cracking System. Desiccant Air dryers from small Point of use systems up to extremely large Turnkey applications.

Water Division

Mecburg Engineering & Consultancy provide extensive services to the water and wastewater treatment industry. We provide all-encompassing services, integrating and working in collaboration with the client at all times. MEC bring technical expertise, engineering excellence, project management experience and wealth of knowledge to every project.

Oil Refinery

The equipment involved are Neutralizer, Bleacher, Deodorizer, Heat Exchanger, High & low vacuum equipment & Filters. Mecburg Engineering & Consultancy is Technocrats to Oils & Fats Industry.

Specialized Products

The Mecburg Engineering & Consultancy is completely Industrial Solutions for business area ,Is a leading partner for the engineering, construction and service of all industrial gas plants and Engineering Utilities systems.


The premium range of products offered by us comprises Compressed Air Filters, HVAC Air Filters, AHU Air Filters, RO Water Purifier, Pleated Filter Cartridges, Wound Filter Cartridges, Polypropylene Melt Blown Cartridges and many others. Additionally, all these products are highly acclaimed for their compliance with the international quality standards.

Calibration Gas

"Calibration" refers to an instrument’s measuring accuracy relative to a known concentration of a substance. These detection instruments are used to detect the presence of toxic and combustible substances, as well as oxygen deficiency or oxygen enrichment (a fire and explosion hazard).

Plants Spares, Molecular Sieves, Valves and Sensors

Mecburg Engineering & Consultancy offers an extensive line of quality engineered precision sensors, various molecular sieves, plug valves and gas analysers.

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)

MEC SCADA systems offer maximum functionality and a user-friendly user interface. With our configurable and scalable systems, you have the advantage of absolute openness to both the office environment and to production. An integrated process database and Plant Intelligence, for example, ensure transparency in production. Numerous options and add-ons extend and expand the scope of performance.

Efficiency in terms of engineering & operations control

Efficient engineering, integrated diagnostics functions and flexible production analysis ensure reduced time-to market as well as minimised plant downtimes. SCADA provides a reliable decision basis for optimisations and thus supports increased productivity coupled with reduced costs.

Innovative solutions

Thanks to innovative technology, all important information is consistently available – rapidly, flexibly and safely. SIMATIC WinCC thus eases your production’s intuitive operation and monitoring – also remotely.

Easy scalability

SIMATIC WinCC facilitates your plant’s easy functional or sector-specific expansion or modernization. Benefit from redundancy concepts for increased availability or opt for central plant information archiving and analysis.

Variety of systems available

MEC can provide you with a range of SCADA systems to best suit your requirements including Siemens WinCC, Rockwell Automation, Wonderware and Iconics..

These services are rendered with the help of efficient and skilled personnel and are appreciated for their reliability and timely execution. our services are available at affordable prices.


Mecburg Engineering is a leading provider of highly competitive services for innovative and reliable process plants and plant components. Engineering involves transferring process technology to design documents ready for the construction of process plants and the manufacturing of plant components. Mecburg Engineering offers highly competitive services for the engineering of innovative and reliable process plants and plant components.

Integrated engineering, design and material management tools support the entire (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) EPC chain and owner lifecycle. Efficient concurrent engineering significantly reduces engineering documents' lead times.

All engineering applications are configured for global work sharing, thus enabling us to share and integrate our engineering data and documents with the systems of our clients and partners across multi-site project teams.


At Mecburg Engineering, procurement is geared towards high performance, and thanks to our global footprint, we can offer our customers the most competitive prices.

Procurement at Mecburg Engineering stands for proficiency. Our in-depth experience combined with our extensive global procurement network enables us to provide the highest levels of delivery assurance. With capable and approved sources worldwide, we can always anticipate delivery issues that could arise among our suppliers.

Strategic sourcingis an embedded concept at Mecburg Engineering. We use leading technologies and leverage a network of highly innovative suppliers to ensure the highest plant quality.

We take pride in our professional, service-oriented and highly motivated employees - all of whom are ready to take on challenges with the utmost integrity and dedication.

With expertise in the timely and cost-efficient movement of information and materials, we ensure that our customers receive their goods on time, in the correct quantity, in sound condition and to the best cost. We collaborate with logistics service providers (LSPs) to ensure that we always have a wide range of transport options for the physical movement of cargo. Our cargo ranges from small packages weighing just one kg to heavy lift pieces weighing over 1,000 MT. Each year, we ship thousands of MTs across the globe. We also utilise freight forwarding, packaging, warehousing, stevedoring and surveying partners.


As a world-leading contractor, Mecburg Engineering has the experience and know-how in plant construction and commissioning to seamlessly execute this crucial, final step in the EPC value chain. Mecburg Engineering has established construction hubs the world over. This global network allows us to leverage our resources and employees worldwide, and provide customers with the best possible service. Our highly dedicated employees have a wealth of experience in managing highly complex construction sites, enabling us to deliver outstanding results on time and on budget.

To maintain this high standard, we utilise world-leading, lean construction processes that are embedded in our Integrated Management System (IMS) and aligned with related engineering and procurement processes.

We foster long-lasting relationships with construction partners the world over, building a broad spectrum of skills and experience in subcontracting and subcontractor management that our customers can really trust.

Our thorough constructability reviews ensure that all plants are designed in line with our “easy-to-build strategy” and all relevant conditions, including environmental and regional factors, are taken into consideration.

To boost efficiency in all construction stages, we use state-of-the-art IT tools and special in-house developments such as the Site Administration System, SAS® and Primavera®.

We have worked extensively in regions with extreme climatic conditions, for example in geographies with only a few hours of daylight as well as in highly humid environments and areas with constant sandy winds and heavy rainfall. This leaves us ideally equipped to deal with your local environmental or climatic challenges.

Health, safety and environmental protection are top priorities in all of our construction and commissioning activities right from day one. Over the years, we have achieved an outstanding track record of exceptionally low and ever improving incident rates and we continue to improve our performance in this area.

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