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OXYGEN Analyser

OXYGEN Analyser

THE TECHNOVATION MODEL SP-1CZ OXYGEN ANALYZER is µP based and has a specially designed sampling configuration with an oxygen sensor at the end of a cable that makes it feasible to accurately measure Oxygen at a gas manifold while the instrument is panel mounted up to a distance of 10 meters away from the sensor. Calibration is accomplished conveniently by atmosphere air.


- µP based , just three key operation.
- ZERO and CAL potentiometers provided
- 2 Alarm LED
- Confidence flash provided
- Low sample volume required
- Quick and accurate response to oxygen
- Easy to operate by any person.


- MODEL SP-1CZ is specifically designed for use in Oxygen plants where the vented gases are mainly nitrogen and some wasted oxygen. Monitoring the vent gases could tell when the % oxygen in nitrogen stream has reached an abnormally high % necessitating corrective action within the oxygen plant's operational parameters so as to reduce the wasted oxygen and increase oxygen output.
- A single percent of oxygen reduced in the vent gases would increase the oxygen production by the equivalent amount leading to a one percent improvement in the oxygen plant's production

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