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Engineered Adsorption Dryers

Engineered Adsorption Dryers

Customised / Engineered Adsorption Dryers are designed and produced to the exact specification of the customer.

Compressed Air Dryers

The compressed air coming from the compressor gets collected in the after cooler and passes through the pre-filter to a distributor. The distributor passes part of the air through a heater before going to one adsorber for regeneration. This compressed air is then passed through an after cooler for condensation and moisture separator for removal of moisture.

This air is then mixed with the remaining air and passed on to the other adsorber for drying and passes out of the dryer as dry air. The adsorber after regeneration becomes hot and needs to be cooled during the cooling cycle when the heater are switched off. The two adsorbers are switched over automatically on a cycle basis so that when the first adsorber will dry the compressed air the other will be in regeneration mode.


Blower Reactivated Type Air Dryers


The wet compressed air entering through butterfly valve is dried by the desiccant in one of the adsorber towers and leaves as dry air through butterfly valve and filter, after which the desiccant has adsorbed water vapour during prefixed time, it has to be regenerated.


After the drying the regeneration period follows. Ambient air is sucked in by a blower and heated by a heater till temperature reached at prefixed values and subsequently led through the adsorber. The adsorbed water vapour is liberated from the desiccant again by the hot air prefixed intervals or set values after which the heater will be switched off.

The blower will still run upto preset intervals to lower the temperature of the desiccant to such a value that it is suitable again for the drying process. Before the automatic switchover takes place the regenerated adsorber is pressurized. The compressed air is directed to the other adsorber to maintain a continuous drying process.


HOC Type Compressed Air Dryers

The hot compressed air from the compressor passes through one of the absorbers where the desiccant is regenerated by heat. The compressed air is then cooled in the aftercooler while condensation takes place in moisture separator at the same time. The compressed air then flows to th e other adsorber for drying. The desiccant adsorbs the water vapour and dried air leaves the adsorber.

The desiccant is very hot after regeneration and cannot asdsorb moisture unless it is cooled. The hot compressed air is cooled in the regn. Cooler. The cooled air is then guided through 4 way valve into the regenerated adsorber for removal of moisture.

When one adsorber has been regenerated and cooled (i.e. is ready for compressed air drying) and the other adsorber has reached the maximum adsorption capacity, the adsorbers can be switched over. The first adsorber will dry the compressed air while the other will be generated.

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