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Mecburg Refrigeration Dryer

Mecburg Refrigeration Dryer

Compressed Air Systems should be designed for just the right quality of air at the most economical costs. Mec has a wide range of dryers for all your needs.

For general plant and instrumentation air Mec Refrigeration Dryers come in two series . For larger and intricate requirement engineered systems. are available.For general plant air, dew points of 4°C to 6°C (dewpoint) are considered adequate, well within the range of Refrigeration Dryers. Refrigerated type Dryers use less energy and hence are lower in first and operating costs.

The Refrigeration type Air Dryer is a packaged self contained unit, fully automatic and produces a steady level of dew point. There is no regeneration cycle with complex valving, no periodic recharging of chemicals, oil in the air stream does not affect performance.

How does it work?

Mec Refrigeration type Dryer operates on the method of cooling the air to near freezing point to remove the moisture and the cold air is reheated by the incoming air to approximately 10°C below the incoming compressed air temperature at nominal conditions.

The Refrigeration Dryer consists of an air drying unit with centrifugal cum demister pad condensate separator and a refrigeration circuit. The refrigeration circuit consists mainly of a compressor, a condenser, a receiver, a vapour liquid accumulator  with liquid refrigerant and evaporator.The air drying unit consists of two kinds of heat exchangers, one is air to air heat exchangers and second is refrigerant to air heat exchangers.

The Heart of the system is the special foamed in, Heat Exchanger which makes it outperform other Dryers.

The function of the air to air heat exchanger is to lower the load on the refrigerant system and secondly by warming the outgoing cold air pipelines to the required temperature.

The refrigerant to air heat exchanger(s) further cools the air to the required temperature thus condensing the water vapour from the air, which is automatically drained.

Flow Diagram - Refrigeration Dryer

Key Features

  • Available in many standard models
  • Capacities from 18 cmh to 6,000 cmh (10.6 cfm to 3540 cfm)
  • Mimic display to read out dewpoint, operating status, faults indication
  • Provides pressure dewpoints down to 4°C to 6°C
  • Unique pantented, foamed in heat exchanger (heat exchanger may vary from model to model)
  • Eco Friendly 
  • Certified and reliable performance
  • Energy saving
  • Designed specially for Tropical Conditions
  • Unique volume liquid Accumulator
  • Compact design

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